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Milah UK

Milah UK has been carefully monitoring the case of a Doctor in Leicester who has been through a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing for carrying out circumcision in a “non-sterile” clinic.

Following reports that Jewish families also used the service Milah UK has released the following statement:

“In the UK we have systems of oversight, training and regulation which have developed over many years and are under continual monitoring and scrutiny. These systems are now being replicated across the world to ensure that the best possible safeguards are in place whenever a Brit Milah is performed.

This case underlines the need for parents in the community to properly research who they choose to perform their son’s Brit Milah to ensure that they conform to all appropriate regulations.”

Reports suggest that Dr Hassan Abdulla has been banned by the tribunal from performing circumcisions for two years and continues to practice as an NHS Psychiatrist.